Janus Vandal-Proof Phones (VPP)

Janus Vandal-Proof Phones (VPP) offers the only full duplex speaker phone solution on the market. The product range include vandal-resistant emergency telephones for elevators and public indoor areas as well as climate resistant ones for the harshest environments.


Janus T2100 Emergency Phone

The VPP T2100 Series of emergency telephones are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh weather and environments, with electronics.

Janus T1250 Emergency Telephone

The Janus VPP T1250 is ideal for installation in elevators, for areas of rescue or any indoor area requiring emergency telephones.

Janus VPP 900 - Vandal proof phone

The Janus VPP 900 is a durable, fully-enclosed emergency telephone designed for use in transit systems, tunnels or on railway.

Janus TR400 Modular Emergency Column

The VPP TR400 emergency columns provides an easy and economical customized solution for emergency communication and signaling. The rugged column

Janus Power and Telephone Line Distribution Module

The VPP Power and Telephone Line Distribution Module can be used to remotely power 8 or 16 VPP emergency telephones