Lobby & Machine Room Communication with SmartView Display

Our code compliant Lobby & Machine Room Visual Communication System allows rescue personnel to communicate with trapped passengers.


Key Features

Flush Mount Model:
• SHWFSV (up to 5 emergency phones)
• Front Frame Dimensions: 21.13” H x 25” W x 3.06” D
• Back Box Dimensions: 20.66” H x 22.99” W x 3” D

Surface Mount Model:
• SHWSV (up to 5 emergency phones)
• Dimensions: 21.03” H x 20.3” W x 5.19” D

• Powder coated steel enclosure
• Twist lock closure for use with Fireman’s lock (not provided)
• Coil cord
• Pre-configured to the SmartView Software

Head-End Features:
• FCC registered & CSA listed
• Connects multiple telephones to a single telephone line
• Functions as a stand-alone intercom system
• On-board keypad
• Low battery alarm call
• Built in three number dialer
• Fully programmable voice chip
• On or offsite monitoring capabilities
• Onsite diagnostic read-out
• Phone-line monitoring available

SmartView Display & Controller Features:
• Display requires 9v@1.2A and includes 120v plug-in transformer
• Mini PC requires 12v@1.5A and includes 120v plug-in transformer
• Requires back-up power
• Ethernet connection
• HDMI connection for display

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