Janus Phone Line Monitoring Alert Panel

The Janus Phone Line Monitoring Alert (LMA) Panel, when used with Janus emergency telephones with the phone line monitoring option, conforms with ASME/B44 2009 and 2010 code that requires audible and visual signal in the lobby in the event of phone line failure. The Line Monitoring Expansion (LMX) unit enables up to 10 telephone units to be connected to a single LMA panel for a cost-efficient solution.

Key Features

  • Conforms with ASME/B44 2009 and 2010 requirements
  • Audible & visual signal when phone-line fails
  • Reset allows audible signal to be silenced with standard J200 key
  • Resets automatically when phone line is restored
  • Up to 10 phones can be monitored when used with LMX
  • Test features available
  • Onboard volume control for audible signal
  • Supports external 12V LED or bulb

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