Elevator Master Station Phones

The Janus Master Station Phone provides two-way communication between the lobby or fire control room and the elevator phones on an EMS5 system. Once a call is placed from an elevator phone, the call will be directed to the master station phone. The digital display will show the number of the elevator calling. If the call is not answered in a preset time, the call will be directed to the preprogrammed numbers.

A master station phone combined with the EMS5 system can operate without a telephone line to provide 24-hour on-site monitoring.

Key Features

  • Conforms with ASME 2008 (U.S.) & B44 (Canada)
  • On site answering of calls from phones on the EMS5 Call Director
  • Multiple master station phones can be used on one EMS5 system
  • Digital display shows origin of calls
  • Available as wall mount, flush mount, desk set or handsfree options
  • Available in stainless steel or muntz finish

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