Janus Emergency Telephones

Janus has invested heavily in its elevator emergency telephones business due to growing market demands across the globe.  The product range includes a comprehensive range of emergency ADA compliant phones and accessories, covering a wide range of applications and providing the installer with installation flexibility. Janus offers both communication equipment that will meet your needs for the elevator industry and the transit and security market with our Janus EMS brand and VPP brand.


EMS Emergency Telephones

Janus EMS emergency telephones are a leader in the industry. Installed by all of the major elevator companies, they have come to trust our elevator emergency telephone systems to provide code compliant service in North America.

Janus Vandal-Proof Phones (VPP)

Janus Vandal-Proof Phones (VPP) offers the only full duplex speaker phone solution on the market. The product range include vandal-resistant emergency telephones for elevators and public indoor areas as well as climate resistant ones for the harshest environments.

DCS4 Digital Call System

The Janus Digital Call System provides anyone who is currently looking for a solution to a 4 or less car group and need to either reduce phone lines or meet over 60’ of travel code requirements. With TruDigital™ crystal clear sound it is the ideal solution for a group of no more than 4 phones and two machine rooms. You are also able to put a third master unit in a lobby or fire control room.