Smart 3D

Smart 3D from Janus is a door protection system which provides enhanced 3D detection in the landing zone. The system uses Panachrome+ infrared 2D detection and microwave radar technology for its 3D detection. The system is fully compliant to the 2019 version of ASME A17.1.

Why choose Smart3D?

Smart 3D uses microwave radar technology which results in a significant reduction in these three main causes of false triggers.

  1. It is not affected by reflected ambient light.
  2. The sensor is able to ignore stationary objects within the 3D zone while still detecting if/when someone approaches the doors.
  3. The sensor can discriminate between people passing through the 3D zone from the sides and people who are approaching the doors.

The Janus Smart 3D allows contractors to fit a much more reliable solution for 3D detection in the landing zone. This enhanced 3D technology ensures optimal people flow in the building and reduces the number of costly call outs.

Key Features

  • Patent pending
  • Significant reduction in false 3D triggers by using microwave radar technology
  • Meets new requirements of ASME A17.1
  • Ignores cross-traffic of people moving past elevator
  • Detects objects/people moving towards the elevator
  • Not affected by ambient light
  • Surface mount options available
  • Suitable for center-opening and side-opening doors
  • Offers full passenger protection when combined with Panachrome+ 2D light curtains

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