This unique system is an effective solution for sites where passenger traffic is high or where additional safety measures are required. This product has been proven to reduce door damage and to limit passenger accidents.

For these reasons, typical applications include: Hospitals, Hotels, Airports and prestigious Public Access Buildings.

The new Panachrome+ controller has an in-built display and keypad allowing for quicker customization and fault-finding during installation.

Panachrome+ works with Smart 3D for optimum 3D protection.

Key Features

  • Colored red/green indicators highlight door movement
  • Display and keypad on controller for easy programming
  • Dense infra-red 234 beam safety edge
  • Suitable for center-opening and side-opening doors
  • 0.4” & 1.7” profiles available
  • MKCANbus enabled for future monitoring capability
  • Compatible with Smart 3D

Technical Information

Panachrome+ 0.4" clamp fixing

Panachrome+ 0.4" Mounting

0.4" Profile

0.4" beam pattern

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