PanaTouch Elevator Touch Display

Vibrant colors, HD graphics and interactivity rolled into one display to provide a truly elegant user experience.

PanaTouch is a highly responsive, extremely durable LCD touch display for elevators that provides the perfect platform to remotely update and configure content to suit any location. PanaTouch includes capacitive touch technology (PCAP), renowned for its reliability.

Featuring energy-saving LED backlight technology, PanaTouch uses less electricity and generates less heat than other touch displays and is an efficient and eco-friendly solution.

PanaTouch offers a range of functionality – floor selection, audio floor alerts and messages along with the capability to provide interactive advertising to truly engage passengers and utilize the space within your elevators.

Elevate the areas around your elevators by using PanaTouch in a variety of settings such as lobbies, hallways and entrance foyers.

Key Features

  • Easily integrated and protected against dust, dirt and vandalism
  • Customizable content including layouts and buttons
  • Projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen offering pristine optical clarity and touch durability
  • Vandal-proof touch glass

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