High quality multimedia display with smart functionality.

We’ve recognized that ease of install is key when it comes to displays installation. Less is more when it comes to wires and the MSP can then be updated easily and remotely*. The MSP is as a product within the Avire Ecosystem.

Connect the MSP within the Ecosystem daisy-chain of Avire’s products and instantly upgrade your lifts with quality displays. Once connected, Avire’s fantastic cloud-based Drag & Drop layout designer brings content right to your displays and can be easily maintained by the building’s management. RSS feeds, weather, pictures, video and much more available at a touch of a button.

The MSP is perfect for all installations as it brings stunning quality, in a range of sizes, along with content flexibility and remote connectivity.
Energy saving features like screen brightness dimming effects, LED backlit technology and a screen power scheduler pave the way to a generation of thoughtful technology.

The MSP is not limited to elevators and can be used to display content in a variety of settings such as lobbies, hallways and entrance foyers.

*With connection to Avire Hub using DCP.

Key Features

  • Avire Ecosystem Enabled
  • Quick installation
  • RSS feeds
  • Weather
  • Energy saving and eco-friendly with LED backlight technology and screen power management
  • Landscape and portrait mode
  • Configurable via USB and MKCANbus networks
  • Configurable via the Drag and Drop Layout Designer
  • 1080p Full HD

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