The Multimedia retrofit solution. Less wiring, less time, less hassle.

The MRP with Navigation box brings multimedia content to elevators with quick and easy installation. Update your display without having to worry about replacing the entire COP, wiring up to the controller or having the correct elevator protocol.

The MRP with separate processor can be mounted anywhere within the elevator car with minimal modification to the metalwork. Once installed easily configure your display via USB transfer and your display is ready to go. Simple, cost-effective, easy to use and in a range of colors to suit your elevator interior.

The installer-friendly MRP is the complete plug and play solution that can be used in any elevator instantly creating a high-end look and feel.

Key Features

  • Save hours with a quick installation for retrofit applications
  • USB socket for enhanced programming
  • Does not need to be linked to the controller for lift information
  • Easy to use drag & drop content management software
  • High Quality Multimedia display
  • Hall effect sensor for on-site configuration

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