Layout Designer (LCD Configuration)

Our LCD Configuration software allows users to configure screen layouts on E-Motive LCD’s. This software enables configuration of the elevator position, status information, custom defined messages and screen layout.

Drag and Drop Layout Designer

Changing elevator display content made simple.

E-Motive’s new cloud-based drag and drop elevator display layout designer gives the user complete control of their display content from anywhere in the world and at the touch of a button. The intuitive drag and drop style allows users to easily design and configure layouts to suit their needs.

Edit an arrow or floor message, update paid advertising, upload informative content or simply make a design change, whatever the update it is easy to do with our cloud-based layout designer. No need to download software, it is free to use and makes updating displays a breeze.


Remote updates are available if display is connected via a DCP.

Layout Designer Multimedia – Panorama, PanaTouch

Layout Designer Multimedia allows users to configure screen layouts on E-Motive Multimedia LCD displays.

Our layout design software enables configuration of lift position, status information, custom defined messages and screen layouts. There are many elements of customization available including font, font colors, flipping picture options and video player via streamed or local files.

Key Features

  • Choice of default screen layouts and selections from software library
  • User-friendly content configuration
  • System date/time update and synchronization
  • Remote update of displays (If internet connection enabled)

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