E-Motive dot matrix display

E-Motive offers a wide range of elevator dot matrix display formats for both horizontal and vertical mounting. These products display arrows, floor position and programmed messages and are available in both standard and slim profiles.

The E-Motive elevator dot matrix displays are often used for surface-mount installation, making them an ideal solution for modernization applications. Standard diameter dot sizes are 1.8mm, 1/8″in and 5mm and the dots are red in color.

Long Format Dot Matrix Display is an LED digital signage system designed for semi-outdoor applications such as sports stadiums and train stations. With its large size (up to 1500mm) and high brightness, this product is clearly visible from afar making it ideal for high profile installations. Along with the ability to show static or scrolling text messages, the long format dot matrix display is also able to interface to hall lanterns and gongs, indicating the direction of travel of an elevator.

Key Features

  • Landing and elevator car fixtures
  • Powered and controlled by an MX encoder
  • Range of character sizes including 2.2″, 1.0″ and 0.5″
  • Alphanumeric characters
  • Options available with chime interface for ADA compliance

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