Display Solutions

Janus displays are created by our E-Motive brand whose products have been consistently redefining the industry since their launch is 1993. From LCD displays to Lift Monitoring Software, our comprehensive range of products provide the building owner with choice, flexibility and an opportunity to truly differentiate their buildings. Our displays are not limited to use only in elevators; Janus displays can be used as digital signage in in a variety of settings such as lobbies, hallways, and entrance foyers.

Our displays can be found across the globe, from world renowned sporting stadiums and expansive shopping centers to the towering heights of skyscrapers. Our displays can deliver high quality solutions with excellent local technical support ready to help if needed.

E-Motive products are designed, developed and manufactured at our Singapore research and development facility. Our teams work closely with customers from concept to delivery, installation and ongoing support, to ensure our solutions fully meet the building requirements. Our digital signage software is now as easy as drag & drop in order to create eye-catching content.



E-Motive's Picture LCD digital signage displays are high quality TFT screens and can be used to show static pictures, flipping pictures, text and date/time. See the PRP display for a unique retrofit option.


E-Motive LCD displays are modern and visually appealing and will transform your elevator and building public areas to an innovative communications platform.

Video Server Mini

Expand your AVIRE Multimedia display performance with our Video Server Mini.

Segmented Displays

The Segmented Series of digital position indicators (PI displays) are used for both landing and elevator car fixtures for elevator car position and direction of travel.


E-Motive Lift Monitoring System (LMS) is designed to encompass a broad spectrum of elevator monitoring requirements at a designated central location.

LCD Configuration software

Our digital signage software allows users to easily create display content.

LED Dot Matrix

E-Motive offers a wide range of LED elevator dot matrix display formats for both horizontal and vertical mounting. These LED dot matrix display products display arrows, floor position and programmed messages and are available in both standard and slim profiles.

Encoders and Converters

E-Motive has a range of Encoder and Converter products to read signals from the elevator controller and encode these signals to provide elevator position and status information.


E-Motive offers various types of elevator accessories ranging from voice annunciator, synchronizer, buzzers and positioning system, to complement the display products.

Hall Lanterns and Gongs

E-Motive’s range of gongs and hall lanterns are fully compatible with our LCD and LED display products. The gongs and hall lanterns provide an audio and visual indicator to announce elevator arrival and intended direction of travel.