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Light Curtains

Below you will find videos relating to Avire’s light curtains and door safety technology.

  • Panachrome+

    Connected Panachrome+ give the excellent protection for passengers and lift doors whilst also offering a monitoring solution for Light Curtains. Panachrome+ uses MKCANBus to connect to the Avire Hub and sends data such as the number of door cycles completed, number of timed-out diodes and the location of blocked diodes on the light curtain.

  • Smart3D

    Smart3D is huge step forward in 3D technology and provides first-class protection of both passengers and doors. Smart3D complies with ASME17.1 2019 and is not affected by ambient light or cross traffic. Smart3D is used in conjunction with Panachrome 2D light curtains, which are already widely used globally and are known for quality protection of passengers and lifts.