Ascensores EBYP chose MICROKEY as their partner to develop a remote monitoring software based on GSM (DCP) to provide their clients with an extremely reliable solution for their lifts.

The problem

Ascensores EBYP specialises in the installation, maintenance, repair and overhaul of all types of lifts in the Catalonia area.

In 2010 they decided to develop a remote management software with the main goal of achieving significant savings by reducing the number of on-site visits, as they would be able to monitor lifts through a telemetry system.

To develop this reliable system they needed a partner who could provide them with regular objective feedback on the best functionality while enabling transparency to integrate the hardware on which the system would be based.

Given the scale and the size of the investment required to implement this solution, it was essential that the partner should have a product that would provide long-term reliability.

The Solution

Before deciding on the Digital Communication Platform (DCP), they tried out different equipment but concluded that the DCP was the best in the market as it would enable them to easily achieve their telemetry goal while providing robust and extremely reliable hardware.

One critical difference that influenced their final decision was that the DCP was the only GSM that used a 220V power supply without needing an external charger, which made implementation easier.

Also, the installation of the DCP was much simpler than other similar GSM systems, providing an excellent performance (with equipment which is still fully functional after almost 15 years in operation!).

From the outset they worked with MICROKEY’S technical team, with whom they developed the remotely controlled system. MICROKEY was able to provide them with regular feedback on the software which had a direct impact on its development.

I always recommend MICROKEY products by AVIRE. We have been installing their products for almost 15 years as we think they’re the most reliable on the market. We are delighted with the service we receive and, when it comes to telephony equipment, we consider them the best on the market.

Jordi Vila – Electronic Engineer

The Result

The telemetry system was developed with the highest level of reliability. It can receive fault events from the lift and supports the early resolution of incidents even before they are reported by the client.

Almost 15 years later, the same MICROKEY technical team is still collaborating with them, which is a great help as they have known the project since its conception and can provide constant support in optimising the firmware.

For Ascensores EBYP, being able to develop the system has meant a significant reduction in fault repair times. Their clients now prefer this type of service given that it provides them with greater security – knowing that an incident can be resolved quickly by telemetry and that their lifts can be easily monitored at all times.

The success of the system meant opting for the DCP hardware which is now already installed on more than 1,000 elevators in their portfolio. This change had the additional benefit of future-proofing Ascensores EBYP’s clients as they opted to change the GSM systems to DCP 4G, in preparation for the imminent closure of the 2G network, as well as other forthcoming technological changes.

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