The Ringhotel ‘Zum Roten Bären’ is sited in the historical town of Freiburg, Germany, as it has been since 1120 – holding the honour of being the oldest inn in the country. Far from being outdated however, guests experience a traditional atmosphere but with the benefits that modern technology can bring. In keeping with this theme, family owners the Eschgers have recently taken the decision to upgrade their resident elevator with Memco’s Panachrome lift safety edges.

The light curtain technology uses 154 diagonal infra-red beams on the elevator doors to detect even the smallest objects that might obstruct closure, surpassing the requirements of EN 81 and preventing accidents.

The safety provided by the light curtain is reinforced by the Panachrome system’s unique feature: when the doors are opening, green LED lights illuminate the edges to indicate that it is safe to pass; when the doors are about to close these lights will flash red as a warning to be careful. If the doorway remains clear, the lights will then go to a solid red until the doors are fully closed.

In the past, the lift doors had been known to close on bags, suitcases, or even people if they had begun to close as guests were entering the lift. Since the installation, the response to the premium security provided by the new Panachrome system has been very positive, from both hotel guests and the Eschgers.

Further information about the hotel can be found at, and more information about Panachrome and the rest of the Memco range at

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