Singapore-based E-Motive Display has won the contract to supply 33 of its 10.4 inch multimedia elevator displays to Terminal Three of Changi International Airport in Singapore, currently under construction. In addition to floor number, direction, date and time, the displays will be programmed to provide information on arrivals and departures, duty free shopping and security, as well as live TV feeds.


We already have seven EAVIS displays installed in Changi Airport’s Terminal Two, and these have proved such a success that we were awarded the contract for the third terminal.

ST Chong, Displays Business Director

E-Motive displays are interfaced with the lift controller and can be programmed to provide live TV feeds, video clips, animations, still ads, stock market information and any combination of fixed or variable text messages. Time and date information can also be automatically updated.

With its head office in Singapore and regional offices in the United States, China, India and Dubai, E-Motive Display is a recognised industry leader in elevator display and monitoring technology. The company designs and manufactures the software, electronics and hardware for a wide selection of displays and monitoring systems, ranging from simple dot-matrix directional displays to high-end, full-colour multimedia screens.

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