The safety of lift passengers in the main building of Dong Shan Plaza in Guangzhou, China, has been entrusted to 2-in-1 detector screens from TL Jones.

All of the building’s 12 lifts are now equipped with Microscan 2-in-1 units, which combine a mechanical safety shoe with 94 beams of infrared detection.  The units were specified by Dai Deng You, Deputy Manager of Dong Shan Plaza’s Mechanical and Electrical Department.

“Given the high frequency with which our lift doors need to open and their light curtains are triggered, it was important that we selected a very reliable and sensitive product,” said Mr Dai.  “Aside from being safe and practical, TL Jones’s 2-in1 devices are renowned for their low failure rate and long operating life.”

Dong Shan Plaza houses the Zhong Hai Property Management Company, which had requested that the old lift-door safety system – mechanical edges used in conjunction with photo cells – be modernised.  The improvement in performance offered by the new devices has led to positive comments from many of Zhong Hai’s regular customers.

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