Memcom+ Elevator Emergency Telephone

The Memcom+ Elevator Emergency Phone is a premium product, providing trapped passengers with an easy, high quality, reliable, hands-free connection to emergency help.

This Top of car (TOC) unit is provided with a built-in speaker, microphone and backlit LCD display which is used for programming and status information. High quality advanced electronics provide excellent sound, acoustics and reliability.

Key Features

  • Allows full compliance with EN81-28 and EN81-70
  • Connect up to 8 Memcom emergency telephone units to the same phone line
  • Up to 4 alarm numbers and 2 technical alarms
  • Backlit LCD display for programming and status information
  • Easy programming using a simple tick box system
  • Stand-alone battery back-up of complete system including GSM
  • Avire Hub – allows easy management of  technical and EN81-28 auto-test calls and the ability to remotely program and re-program installed units
  • Able to work on VOIP/NGN networks using a VOIP to analogue convertor, or the analogue port on the VOIP master station

Technical Information

Memcom+ dimensions

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