Memcom Accessories

The Memcom emergency telephone is available with a number of different accessories including GSM, Inductive Loop and Multi-Point Station.

  • Induktive Schleife für behindertengerechte Aufzüge

    Inductive Loop

    The Memcom Inductive Loop ensures that passengers with limited hearing can hear emergency messages and operator instructions when trapped in an elevator.

  • Memcom Surface Mount COP Accessories

    The Memcom surface mount accessories  offer a quick and easy way of installing  the speaker and microphone in the COP.

  • Flush Mount COP Accessories

    The Memcom emergency telephone product range includes a comprehensive selection of Car Operating Panel (COP) accessories providing a wide choice of system finishes.

  • Memcom Multi Point Station (MPS)

    The Memcom Multi Point Station (MPS) provides external emergency telephone points for the elevator engineer in the shaft, pit or machine room.

  • Memcom Wiring Looms

    The Memcom wiring looms are pre-wired looms which allow for the use of the pictograms and alarm push buttons already installed on the lift.