DCP Digital Communications Platform


The Memco DCP combines a GSM gateway, emergency telephone and M2M gateway in a single unit.

This system is ideal for those seeking to:

  1. Install an EN81-28 compliant emergency telephone system for up to four lifts
  2. Upgrade an existing emergency telephone system from a PSTN connection to GSM

All programming for the system is either carried out remote from the Avire Hub or at the main unit in the machine room or control cabinet. Digital Audio Units in the lift cars and/or pits connect to the DCP over a 4 wire CAN Bus system. All technical and configuration calls are sent over the data channel of the cellular network, reducing voice call costs and significantly improving reliability.

Key Features

  • EN81-28 compliant
  • Integrated battery back-up
  • 4-wire CAN Bus connections to lift car, landing and pit devices
  • Technical, 3-day background and configuration calls carried out over data network for high reliability and low costs
  • High audio quality over 400m cables

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