Avire, the market leader and global manufacturer of advanced elevator solutions, has added to its ‘industry first’ product line, by launching the first of its kind; intelligent light curtain, Connected Panachrome+. Lift maintenance companies are now able to access information about the status of the Connected Panachrome+ through Avire’s cloud-based monitoring platform, the Avire Hub.

Real-time data including number of door cycles completed, number and location of timed-out diodes can all be monitored and reported back to the Avire Hub.

Panachrome has been in the market for 15 years and this unique light curtain offers advanced door and passenger protection. Door movement is highlighted with red and green coloured LED indicators. The display of lights indicates whether the door is opening or closing, discouraging users from attempting to enter a lift when the doors are about to shut. Not only does this reduce the risk of damage, which is costly and avoidable, but the feature increases customer safety which is Avire’s primary focus.

A ‘door block’ alert is also built into the light curtain where it can detect when an object has been left between the lift doors preventing the doors from closing and an alert is reported back to the Hub. This data which is accessed remotely will all help to dramatically reduce the need for site visits, saving time and money.

What’s more, with 3D and 2D detection sensors available, Panachrome+ extends passenger protection into the landing zone, meaning it can identify when a user is approaching the lift doors. The Panachrome portfolio is already being used around the world in some of the most iconic buildings and is recognised for its ability to reduce door damage and passenger accidents.

Rob Lewis, Managing Director at Avire, said: Connected Panachrome+ is the only light curtain available in the market with intelligent functionality, allowing our customers to remotely access diagnostics on the status of the light curtain. Panachrome technology has been around for a while but this latest development expands its offering to be part of our Avire ecosystem. We are thrilled to add Connected Panachrome+ to the range and hope that its connectivity allows maintenance companies to provide a more robust and effective service.”

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