The possibilities of digital connectivity in elevators

An overview of the trends in the industry outlining the benefits of gathering data on and around elevators – what information is being gathered and how it is of use to different parties.

Why use connected devices?

An ever-increasing number of everyday objects are being connected to the internet with the evolution of digital communication, also known as M2M and IoT technology. Sharing data across devices creates the opportunity for an infinite number of uses and development in this technology. From collecting data through a smartwatch that is connected to an app, to turning on the heating or answering your doorbell from your phone, there are numerous examples of how this technology has become commonplace.

Within the elevator industry this technology is starting to become more widespread, with larger elevator manufacturers offering elevator monitoring services via their elevator controllers that provide an increasing amount of information. Data gathered can be used for preventative elevator maintenance which leads to higher satisfaction levels from building owners whose elevators have increased up time as a result.

What is the benefit for using this technology in elevators?

Ultimately elevators need to keep moving people through buildings and ensuring that this happens safely is paramount. Using a combination of sensors and devices to monitor elevator equipment offers simpler monitoring and maintenance organisation based on data received. Gathering data such as elevator doors with high levels of use, frequency and distance of travel and number of door cycles completed can help to pinpoint future issues and where maintenance may be needed. Understanding humidity, temperature, vibration and other factors can be highly beneficial for optimising elevator travel, benefiting both passengers and elevator maintenance providers.

Display Screens

Updating elevator displays and offering detailed data on elevator usage could be used for organising paid advertising content on elevator displays. Remote screen updates offer increased possibilities for regular content changes on elevator displays offering facilities managers and building managers a communication board to share information with building occupants or users.

What do I need?

Previously a new elevator controller with monitoring software would have to be installed, however, new products are available in the market to upgrade existing installations. Avire’s Ecosystem works using cellular communication and can be installed on any elevator. It offers a powerful monitoring and communication system at a fraction of the cost* and with minimal disruption.

*Compared to a new controller installation or new elevator.

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