First things first, what is elevator monitoring?

Elevator monitoring refers to the systematic observation and checking of the progress or quality of (the elevator) over a period of time. In the world of lifts, this means being able to access the real-time status of a elevators installation, at any given moment, via a Lift Monitoring System (LMS).

LMS today

Most buildings do not have an LMS installed. Notable exceptions are local government, hospitals, high-end commercial buildings, and universities. However, most of these would still not have remote access that enables them to have real-time information.

On average, having LMS today is an exception, and it usually offers little, if any, remote access.

Being able to remotely monitor your elevator in real-time helps to prevent some malfunction issues as well as trigger immediate calls to the maintenance operator to correct an issue before it escalates.

Why is this an issue?

Having access to a good LMS offers both the lift maintenance companies as well as the building and facilities managers the opportunity to:

  • Remote, live monitoring – if any component is failing, this can be addressed immediately instead of waiting for a major breakdown which could increase repair costs as well as translate into an increased lift downtime
  • Access to battery status, and other critical information including door status, operating conditions, etc.

In other words, being able to remotely monitor your lift in real-time offers you the opportunity to prevent certain issues as well as trigger immediate calls to your maintenance operator to correct an issue before it escalates further.

Step into tomorrow

What does the future hold for the humble LMS? Quite a lot actually! The potential of the LMS can be exploited as technology continues to evolve and offers new opportunities to enhance not only the passenger experience but also the management of these complex means of transportation.

Some of the predicted changes include collecting further data via the system and developing better data analysis tools that can help prevent any malfunction issues as well as continuously improve and facilitate the management of lifts.

But the golden goal is reaching the point where predictive maintenance is feasible. The aim is to enhance the LMS AI to the point where it can even predict the true lifetime of a component and trigger preventative actions. Though we are not there yet, the race towards predictive maintenance is well underway!

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