185 3D door safety systems and 600 dot matrix displays installed

Memco and its sister company TL Jones have teamed up to supply 185 Pana40+ 3D elevator door safety systems and 600 dot matrix elevator displays to the Delhi Metro in India. The systems will be installed in over 200 elevators supplied to Delhi Metro by Kone and Johnson Lifts.

Memco’s Pana40+ 3D system incorporates two independent detection systems: the first is a light curtain of infra-red beams criss-crossing the elevator car’s doors; the second is a 3D proximity detection system in the landing zone. Any object interrupting the direct beams or reflections within the 3D detection zone will trigger the system and re-open the elevator doors.

Specific benefits of the Pana40+ 3D include increased passenger safety and improved traffic flow, as well as reduced collisions between trolleys, wheelchairs, pushchairs etc and the elevator doors. Typical applications include busy public buildings such as public transport systems, passenger terminals, hospitals, shopping centres, hotels and offices.

The detectors are manufactured in various profiles to suit a wide variety of elevator doors, including both centre-opening and side-opening doors. More information on the Pana40 3D range can be found here: http://www.memco.co.uk/en/pana40+3d/index.html .

In addition to the door safety systems, 600 dot matrix displays were supplied by TL Jones, Memco’s sister company in India, for installation in 200 elevators throughout the Delhi Metro system. Three displays are installed for each of the elevators: one in the interior and one on each of the elevators’ two landings.

Memco is now also marketing elevator displays throughout its European, African and South American sales territories.

The Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system built and operated by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited, serving Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida in the National Capital Region of India. The network consists of six lines with a total length of 156 kilometres (97 miles) with 132 stations. It utilises a combination of elevated, ground level and underground lines.

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