Starwood Hotels has installed 96 E-Motive LCD displays at its Luxury 6-star St. Regis Hotel and Residences in Singapore that are scheduled to open on December 20th this year.

Boasting almost 300 oversized hotel rooms and 173 apartments, St. Regis is set in the heart of uptown Orchard Road with excellent access to shopping and entertainment. It has 27 lifts that are used to carry passengers over 23 storeys.

E-Motive supplied St. Regis with 78 sets of the PT9001 high-resolution text displays. The LED serial controlled text indicator system signals floor legends, directional arrows and status messages for passengers waiting for, or travelling in, the hotel elevators. The Text Display Series offer many format options such as scrolling or double row text and customised messages for specific users.

In addition, 8 sets of FS0840 8.4” LCD dual screens and 10 sets of FS1040 10.4” LCD screens were also installed in the building. These lift displays provide passenger information including travelling direction, date and time, status and specific user messages and pictures. Content of the displays can be managed by the building user and have the capacity to go beyond basic lift information with advertisements and logos.

“Our displays are sleek and stylish and very popular with high profile buildings such as this. They help enhance the entire hotel experience and we are delighted Starwood Hotels chose our products.”

ST Chong, Displays Business Manager

With its head office in Singapore and regional offices in the United States, China, India and Dubai, E-Motive Display is a recognised industry leader in elevator display and monitoring technology. The company designs and manufactures the software, electronics and hardware for a wide selection of displays and monitoring systems, ranging from simple dot-matrix directional displays to high-end, full-colour multimedia screens like the EAVIS.

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