Industry Leading Emergency Communication System Manufacturer

Since its founding in 1981, RATH® has been Protecting What Matters. In the late eighties and early nineties, RATH® were the first to manufacture an ADA compliant elevator phone and to integrate a voice message chip into an automatic dialing speaker phone, which was a code requirement. Blue Light Phone products were introduced in 2005, followed by Area of Refuge Systems in 2009, and most recently Nurse Call Systems in 2017. RATH® has always prided themselves on being the experts on the newest industry codes and developing products to satisfy those codes.

RATH® Area of Refuge systems can be found in thousands of buildings throughout the United States and are the only systems accepted in some jurisdictions. RATH® offers a variety of Nurse Call Systems to allow for installation in Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes. RATH’s Blue Light Emergency Phones have also become a symbol of safety on college, healthcare, and corporate campuses.

Established in 1981

Available in North America

L'ascensore intelligente

Utilizzando la nostra nuova tecnologia di connessione è possibile mantenere o modernizzare gli ascensori per un uso più sicuro, una manutenzione più semplice e una migliore esperienza per i passeggeri.

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Progetti di manutenzione

Serve una tecnologia affidabile e sicura per mantenere gli ascensori? Abbiamo una gamma di prodotti perfettamente adatti al mercato della manutenzione.

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Progetti di modernizzazione

È arrivato il momento di modernizzare? Le nostre soluzioni intelligenti rappresentano l'aggiornamento perfetto per gli ascensori, creano l'ecosistema e rendono gli ascensori più intelligenti, più semplici e più sicuri.

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