As part of a major six year redevelopment, the iconic Cathay Cineplex in Singapore has incorporated E-Motive Display’s multimedia elevator displays in its elevators and foyers.

A full-colour E-Motive 10.4 inch display is installed in each of the three elevators showing, in addition to floor number and elevator direction, film previews, adverts and floor directories. Five monochrome FS1040 displays are also installed in the Cineplex’s foyers, showing elevator direction and floor number.

Unlike other systems, E-Motive displays are interfaced with the elevator controller and always shows the elevator’s floor position and direction. With a variety of screen sizes and mounting options available, they are versatile and simple to install.

E-Motive displays also feature groundbreaking, user-friendly scheduling software that runs on MS Windows®, enabling building personnel to schedule multiple communication events that are initiated either at floor arrival or by the time of day. Other options include visual information systems for lobbies, foyers and hallways.

The Cathay Cineplex originally opened in 1939 and is a Singapore institution. The recent refurbishment cost SG$100 million (US$63 million) and combines the original art-deco façade with an ultra modern glass ‘skin’ which encloses the entire building. The first seven stories house cinemas, retail and food outlets and an art gallery. The remaining ten stories consist of exclusive apartments.

With its head office in Singapore and regional offices in the United States, China, India and Dubai, E-Motive Display is a recognised industry leader in elevator display and monitoring technology. The company designs and manufactures the software, electronics and hardware for a wide selection of displays and monitoring systems, ranging from simple dot-matrix directional displays to high-end, full-colour multimedia screens.

Our displays – particularly the full-colour, multimedia models – are now seen as the obvious choice for high-end projects like this one, where image and sound quality are paramount. We are very pleased to have been involved.

ST Chong, Displays Business Director

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