Flush Mount COP Accessories

The Memcom emergency telephone product range includes a comprehensive selection of Car Operating Panel (COP) accessories providing a wide choice of system finishes.

Our solutions range from simple lightweight speaker/ microphone units with LED indicators to show call in progress and call acknowledgment, to premium stainless steel plates incorporating pictograms and alarm push buttons.

Designed to reduce the amount of modification required inside the elevator car, all COP accessories are delivered pre-wired to increase the speed of installation and reduce time spent on site.

Key Features

Features included as standard:
  • Integrated Inductive Loop
  • Integrated emergency lighting to draw attention to the unit in the event of a power failure
  • Speaker and Microphone
  • Alarm Push
  • Back-lit colour pictograms
  • Pre-connected wiring loom with clearly labelled connections to the Memcom unit

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