Digital Communication System

Our Communication System consists of 2 core elements and a potential for several extremity components providing data to these 2 core elements. The heart of the communication system is the DCP; a platform allowing two-way data communication and this data comes to life through the Avire Hub cloud interface.

The DCP allows customers to send and receive data to and from connected devices within the lift shaft, it provides a data link which feeds into and from our intuitive and easy-to-use cloud platform.

Using data to improve efficiency is not a new concept and the Digital Communications System brings this to lifts, without the cost and hassle of installing a new controller. With remote configuration and monitoring the DCP allows customers to have real time information regarding lift status for the purposes of predictive maintenance and to inform decision making.


  • DCP Digital Communication Platform

    The Memco DCP combines a GSM gateway, emergency telephone and M2M gateway in a single unit. The system is EN81-28 compliant and allows you to upgrade a system from PSTN to GSM. The DCP allows you to reliably configure, update and monitor devices remotely.

  • système de surveillance à distance

    Avire Hub

    Avire’s cloud monitoring system allows you to see your entire lift portfolio online, to spot when a site visit is actually necessary, to remotely update displays and other equipment, to stream data live from lift controllers or sensors, and to do all of this within a safe and secure digital environment.

  • Lift HAWK

    A common issue for lift engineers is being called out to site to check an ‘out of service’ lift, however, the lift is often ‘running on arrival’. The Lift HAWK means that maintenance companies can quickly and easily check to see if the lift is genuinely ‘out of service’ from a remote location.