Faced with the global shortage of electronic components, the tensions on the supply chain, and the soaring prices of freight and materials, AVIRE continues to stand out on the availability and on the very fast delivery times of its products, comparable to pre-pandemic timelines.

The combined effect of the health crisis and the global economic rebound from the beginning of the 2021 financial year added to the already existing tensions on the supply chain (staff shortages, rising energy and freight prices, lack of rare metals) have had a strong impact on the activity of manufacturers of products for lifts.

AVIRE, a world leader in security and communication products for intelligent lifts, has long anticipated the evolution of this situation, and since even before the COVID crisis leverages a totally unique approach for its supply chain.

How we guarantee very fast delivery times for our products

  • We have long-standing win-win collaboration partnerships with our suppliers that benefit all stakeholders
  • High purchasing volumes of components and materials allowing us to maintain our competitiveness
  • The R&D team regularly works on the redesign of our products with our development teams to streamline and optimise the use of rare materials
  • Diversification of our supply chain
  • It is our policy to maintain a considerable stock of products and accessories at all times to ensure quick turnaround times for our customers

The effect of these five major strategic actions allows us to even today guarantee quick delivery times, vastly shorter than the delivery times we are seeing from other manufacturers in the market.

We have also partnered with DHL for our domestic deliveries. DHL provide live tracking with the ability to have a 1 hour delivery ETA on the day of delivery. There is also the option to collect from 3,500 local ServicePoints which are open 7 days a week, meaning your engineers do not need to be available all day for a delivery.

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Do you have an urgent project to maintain or modernise your lift? Looking to improve the safety and communication products of your lifts? The quality of our products is second to none and you will be impressed by our unbeatable delivery times on the lift market!

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