Keeping the old, in with the new

You might think that only newer lifts can be upgraded to the latest smart technology, but you’d be surprised. Due to the modular nature of our lift monitoring system, the Avire Ecosystem can be installed on practically any lift! It sometimes requires a few extra parts to retrofit an older lift with smart technology, but the Avire Ecosystem has been successfully installed on lifts from the 1950s.

Adding to your lift, not replacing it

Some lift monitoring system providers insist on replacing expensive components of your lifts with their own. The Avire Ecosystem takes a different approach. 

We know you’re looking to add to your lift, not tear it to pieces, so many of our devices also replace and upgrade existing components - modernising these whilst also adding the ability to monitor your lifts easily.

For instance, the Digital Communication Platform (DCP), the brain of the Avire Ecosystem reads data from Ecosystem devices installed around your lift and translates this into visual information for you. It can also relay your instructions to connected devices installed in your lift, including moving the lift car and re-programming devices. It can also relay your instructions to connected devices installed in your lift, anything from moving the lift car to testing the doors.

This means you can add smart technology to your existing lift without needing to replace perfectly good components; the Avire Ecosystem simply augments what’s already there.

Straightforward replacements

Of course, some of our devices are designed to replace parts of your lift. For instance, dot matrix indicators can sometimes be costly and difficult to replace. Our range of retrofit display indicators are straightforward replacements, often cheaper than replacing the original indicator as well as adding a modern look to your lift. Even better, they’re easy to install; in fact, they can be fitted in under an hour!

Easy to install

If you’ve ever looked behind a lift operating panel, you know that the wiring can be complicated. So you might think that retrofitting smart technology into your lift would be complicated. But we’ve made upgrading your lift easy and straightforward.

We’ve worked hard to make sure our devices are easy to install. Some of them are designed to plug into your lift’s existing connectors, removing the need for complicated rewiring or soldering. Other devices bypass the wiring altogether, using smart technology to do the job with only a connection to your lift’s power supply.

And we’ve even developed dedicated wiring looms with labelled connectors, making the life of a lift engineer easier and your installation that much smoother.

Straightforward software

Our lift monitoring system doesn’t require complicated software installed on specific machines or the interruptions caused by engineers visiting to install updates. Instead, the Avire Hub is based in the cloud. This means your lift monitoring system is always up-to-date, and accessing it is as easy as opening an Internet browser on any device you choose!

Smart elevators for all

It’s our mission to put smart elevator technology within everyone’s reach, regardless of how old or new their lifts are. That’s why we designed the Avire ecosystem with modular retrofitting in mind; rather than needing to replace entire lift systems to enjoy modern technology, you can simply upgrade what you already have.

To find out more about how to upgrade your lifts and enjoy the benefits of smart technology, speak to one of our experts today.

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