BT Openreach is the division of BT Plc that maintains the cables and infrastructure that connect virtually all homes and business in the UK to the national telephone and broadband network. In June 2019 BT Openreach announced that the traditional analogue phone network (or PSTN) will reach the end of it’s life by December 2025.

In our earlier article we explored the implications of the switch from analogue to digital for the lift industry. For those customers in the UK, the key dates you need to know are:

June 2019 – BT began testing withdrawal and migration scenarios from the analogue network in trial locations (Salisbury in Wiltshire and Mildenhall in Suffolk)

December 2025 – Support for devices reliant on the PSTN will be withdrawn, and the removal of analogue support on fibre network begins.

From the end of 2025, the end of support for Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF, or “touch tone”) signalling will impact the vast majority of installed emergency lift phones that rely on this technology to communicate. When Australia commenced this process in 2016/17, it caused huge disruption to the lift and fire alarm industries, and while 2025 seems a long time away, we urge our customers to begin fitting new systems to avoid issues later.

What are my options?

While it is possible to provide Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATAs) which simulate an analogue line, used today with IP phone systems installed in buildings, our recommendation is to move to cellular devices which avoid the complications and cost of fixed line installations entirely.

Cellular lift phones offer the following advantages:

  • Save more than 50% on monthly operating costs versus fixed line
  • Easy to install without reliance on fixed line infrastructure
  • Fully compliant with EN81-28:2018
  • Provides a data gateway for remote monitoring and configuration of other lift systems and the Avire Ecosystem

The Avire Ecosystem offers a code compliant, cost-effective and intelligent solution for lift installers, maintenance engineers, building owners and facilities managers alike.

Lifts require light curtains and emergency communication systems, and increasingly display screens are being installed for advertising and informative content. The Ecosystem makes these existing devices intelligent (using a two-way data link), whilst also offering several new devices that deliver actionable information about the lift via a secure online platform.


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