It is now over two years since the Coronavirus pandemic started affecting the way we live, travel and interact. Like many other industries, the elevator industry was forced to adapt and innovate. In this blog, I am going to reflect on some of these innovations and changes that we have seen in lift signalisation and how this has shaped recent product development at Dewhurst.

Visible sanitisation and the impact of Covid cleaning regimes – One of the key changes in how buildings operate is the need for visible sanitisation. Building users and owners are far more aware of the issues related to disease transmission and the need to address them. We have seen cases where lift cleaning regimes were changed from monthly to hourly. The electro mechanical components in the majority of car and landing operating panels were not designed to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals and moisture that is associated with these cleaning regimes. We have responded by supporting customers who are looking to modernise their signalisation to improve robustness and durability. In 2022 we’ll be launching a chemical resistant variant of our standard pushbuttons which will address the needs of the new normal and ensure that a quality, durable product for asset owners looking to maintain visible sanitisation.

Enhancing existing product ranges – At the start of the pandemic customers were looking for proven tested solutions to address risks of disease transmission from surfaces – Dewhurst’s range of laboratory tested antibacterial pushbuttons were seen by many lift companies and building owners as a simple, proven upgrade to address the issue. We have seen extensive specification of this product from hospitals around the world such as the new Queen Elizabeth hospital development in Birmingham, UK to Christchurch hospital in New Zealand. We quickly increased the number of colours and finishes the product was available to address customer demand. More recently we have launched an anti bacterial version of our world renowned jumbo pushbutton which has been installed in the recent Melbourne Metro modernisation.

Touchless lift control – We continue to see significant interest in code compliant, robust and most importantly simple and effective touchless lift control solutions. Many new buildings are investing in hybrid destination / conventional control systems as they look to take advantage of security card or app interfaces that these products offer. At Dewhurst we have seen our touchless landing and our Halo lift car operating system specified and installed in a broad range of buildings around the world, from IKEA stores to 5* hotels. We are continuing to develop new touchless solutions to address increased demand for these products

Blog guest Peter Dewhurst is the Head Of Commercial Operations at Dewhurst UK.

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