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Light Curtains

Our light curtains can be seen across the globe! Most obviously Panachrome Plus. The patented LED indicators improve passenger protection and reduce door damage.

Panachrome Plus

The world’s most complete elevator door safety mechanism. Offering improved elevator safety, enhanced aesthetics and cost reduction.

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Emergency Telephones

From PSTN autodiallers to GSM Gateways Avire has supplied emergency communications technology into the market for many years.


Provides data connectivity for both emergency communications and other connected devices including our lift monitoring sensors.

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Software Solutions

Avire continually invests in R&D to ensure it can offer state-of-the-art technology that makes lift management even easier than ever before!

Avire Hub

Avire Hub provides a real-time overview of your lift’s position and status that helps you diagnose if an on-site visit is required or if a remote solution can fix the issue.

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Software Solutions

Are your customers asking about lift monitoring?

Lift Hawk

Installing Lift HAWK allows you to check if the lift is working, from anywhere! These tests can also be scheduled to catch breakdowns early.


Connex provides configurable inputs and outputs and can be used for the siren, engineer on site logs, external sensors and more.

Nav Box

The Nav Box provides information such as distance traveled and floor position. This is useful for remote monitoring and also links with our E-Motive displays.

Case Studies and Blogs

Case Study:
Ecosystem Package is Gold for Unitas

Unitas were looking to achieve more visibility over their lifts, what was working and not working in their portfolio spread across the Stoke area.

Case Study:
London Underground

“We utilise these detectors in the majority of our stations with lifts. From station to station we can have different environments – damp, cold, dry, dusty – and the Panachrome reacts well and is very reliable.”

Blog post:
The slow death of DTMF signalling

As telecoms networks evolve to meet the latest demands of consumers and businesses the level of support for DTMF signalling (in fact all analogue signalling) is changing and sadly not for the better.

Blog post:
Why Use Connected Devices?

An overview of the trends in the industry outlining the benefits of gathering data on and around lifts – what information is being gathered and how it is of use to different parties.

The Avire Ecosystem

Avire Ecosystem devices can be fitted in any lift installation and provide informative data, remote monitoring and configuration options. Intelligent devices are transforming industries across the world and with the Avire Ecosystem all lifts can easily be made smarter, simpler and safer.

Watch the video to find out how it can help you!

The Avire Ecosystem works by installing a DCP and what we call “connected devices” or “Ecosystem products” these include an emergency communication system, light curtains, and remote monitoring sensors. The system is modular and we offer packages to make this easier for you and your customers. To find out more about these packages please contact us!

"It’s the first time we’ve fully integrated Avire products for one of our clients and we would definitely do it again without a doubt"

Chris Tracey, Development Director, The Elevator Company

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