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Avire Ecosystem

Below you will find videos of Ecosystem products and how they work and how they can help you transform your lifts.

  • Avire Ecosystem

    Avire Ecosystem devices can be fitted in any lift installation and provide informative data, remote monitoring and configuration options. Intelligent devices are transforming industries across the world and with the Avire Ecosystem all elevators can easily be made smarter, simpler and safer.

  • Lift HAWK

    Introducing Lift HAWK Monitor and check the status of your lifts remotely by making sure that they are able to move. This can help avoid unnecessary trips to site and also indicate issues before buildings face problems and report them.

  • PRP Retrofit Display

    The PRP Retrofit Display allows a quick and easy upgrade to a stunning LCD picture display with no need to replace the COP. Using a Navigation Box also simplifies installation and provides floor position directly to the display.

  • LMS Lite

    Avire’s new LMS Lite platform provides a greater level of reporting for Lift Monitoring whilst also being cost and time efficient.