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Before installation:
• Have a clear idea about the architecture of the Ecosystem within the lift shaft
• Identify the end-points in your system
• Decide if a CAN SPLITTER will be needed.
• Decide if additional power supplies are needed within the architecture

During installation:
• A lot of issues appear due to the polarity of the CAN wired. Consider the wiring of the CAN-H and CAN-L and ensure that this is correct
• Set the lift address for every device
• Set the extended address for devices, if required

This indication shows that a TX or RX Diode has failed on one of the detectors. The detectors will continue to operate as normal with exception of a failed diode. Where full detection may not be met It is advised that the TX & RX detectors should be replaced.

This flashing indicates that a TX or RX diode has failed on one of the detectors. With the exception of the failed diode, the detectors continue to operate normally. If complete detection is no longer possible, we recommend replacing the TX and RX detectors.

Check the installation sheet to confirm correct installation including detector alignment. If this is correct, then there could be something is stuck to the detector which is blocking diodes, or a diode could have failed.

The LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) in the detectors are not replaceable.

Yes, Panachrome+ detectors can be mounted statically using the external door signalling input on the Panachrome+ Controller to determine when green/red indications are shown (see Panachrome+ controller installation ‘External Signalling’).

Failsafe; If a fault occurs i.e. losing mains power, damage to the Panachrome+ Controller, extension cables or detectors, the doors will remain open in a safe position without trapping passenger.

The Panachrome+ Controller will require the correct signal from the door operator either Normally Open (N/O) or Normally Closed (N/C) contacts to allow lift doors to return to an open state.

To check failsafe; disconnect working detectors from the Panachrome+ Controller, the doors will remain open, if doors close then the Panachrome+ is not failsafe.