Lift safety and communication specialist Avire has installed its latest LCD multimedia display, the E-Motive iS2, at the City Exchange office building in Trinity Leeds.

“We were looking for a system that was easily installed and easy to use and that’s when we came across the iS2. It ticked all the right boxes

Dave Downes, Technical Services Manager for City Exchange

City Exchange’s lift service provider suggested the iS2 as a solution. As part of a general refurbishment programme, City Exchange had decided to upgrade the displays in the seven-storey building’s four lifts. Changing graphics or information on the existing displays had proved an extremely time-consuming and costly process, with an engineer call-out needed to make even the slightest alteration.

We’re always letting and re-letting the floors, but now we can change logos and names ourselves. It’s very flexible, so we can basically do what we need to do. To me, that was the selling point – the fact that we could program it.”

Dave Downes, Technical Services Manager for City Exchange

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