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Avire Hub

Access your entire lift portfolio from one easy-to-use software solution



    • View your complete installation portfolio from one location
    • Perform and record test calls as required by EN81-28
    • Access and program devices from any online device
    • Ensure you have the latest functionality by sending updates to connected devices
    • Real-time alerts via email
    • Receive, record, and view multiple event types, including technical calls, alarms, and status updates
    • When installed with a DCPCAN Bus enabled products such as Panachrome+ and our PRP display can be programmed and monitored from the Avire Hub
    • Multiple user types to allow different access levels and views, including read-only accounts



Real-time lift location and status* Monitor emergency phone* Ensure EN:81-28 compliancy
Avire Hub provides a real-time overview of your lift’s position and status that helps you diagnose if an on-site visit is required or if a remote solution can fix the issue.

* Requires installation of LMS Lite.

Ensure all your emergency phones are functional and have enough battery to continue to function even in the event of a power failure.

* Avire Hub works with all emergency phone brands that support P100.

Check 3-day test calls are taking place successfully between the autodialler and the receiver, as required by European Standard EN81:28.


Provide and audit trail Comprehensive lift information Alert via email of status changes
Reporting is easy with the Avire Hub, which can help you demonstrate operativity, compliance and maintenance in case of litigation. The dashboard offers critical information of your lifts and makes it easy to spot if any issues arise. There is no need to wait until you log onto the Hub to discover if the lift has an issue. Receive immediate notifications when there is a change of status.







Set up and configure large numbers of devices remotely Gain insights to make informed decisions Access unlimited, free users
The Avire Hub makes it easy to configure entire lift portfolios from a single place, saving you time and the cost of on-site visits. Our intelligent software allows you to explore in-depth usage of your lifts, helping you plan maintenance visits and requirements. The Avire Hub is free for our customers – we offer unlimited user access for your business.




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