C100 Base

The Memco C100 Base is an emergency telephone which is designed to be installed behind the COP.

Whether you are a COP manufacturer, or an OEM service branch, the small, lightweight unit would be ideal for integrating into any COP.  Integrated LEDs and screw-less terminals ensure that this product is easy and quick to install.

The C100 is also the first emergency telephone that can be programmed at the touch of a button, removing the risk of programming errors and making the overall installation process quicker and easier than ever.

Key Features

  • One touch programming
  • ‘Plug and play’ installation
  • Dimensions: 70 mm x 98mm
  • Integrated LED’s
  • Removable programming unit
  • Inductive loop option available (C100 BASE2)
  • Relay to switch external devices on the lift
  • Technical input provided, offer basic monitoring of other devices on the lift
  • Connect up to 8 C100 units to the same phone line

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