Yet another milestone for the Digital Communication System in Europe

Memco’s recently launched Digital Communication System has achieved another milestone, achieving certification by the renowned TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

One of Europe’s leading and most respected certification bodies, the TÜV AUSTRIA Group is a fully independent institution providing testing, accreditations and certifications to companies from across Europe. Its certifications are recognised worldwide as being of the highest standard.

The Digital Communication System was tested in collaboration with the ÖWD, the largest service centre for elevator emergency calls in Austria

During the certification process the cloud monitoring system, Avire Hub, was utilised to monitor EN81-28* test calls and technical calls to check the battery, microphone and loudspeaker.  Pressing the emergency button automatically connected the phone to the ÖWD service centre and using data simultaneously registered the alarm call on the Avire Hub. A pre-recorded location message can then help identify the elevator location, allowing the call handler to instruct a rescue.

The Memco Digital Communication Platform is the brain of the Avire Ecosystem and acts as a data highway allowing information to be sent and received from connected devices within the lift shaft. Our intuitive and easy-to-use cloud platform, the Avire Hub, is the user interface for the DCP system.  Using data-driven analysis to improve efficiency is not a new concept and the Digital Communications System brings this to lifts, without the cost and hassle of installing a new controller. The DCP allows remote configuration and monitoring so that customers have real time information regarding lift status for the purposes of predictive maintenance and to inform decision making.

For more information about the TÜV AUSTRIA Group please see: .

*EN81-28 2018 requires that an elevator emergency telephone device is checked every 3 days or less by simulating an emergency call (automatic test), and that any battery supporting the system has a minimum of 1 hour of life.

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