• Janus Elevator Light Curtains

    Avire has supplied light curtains to the elevator market for over 30 years and has always been at the leading edge of the industry. More than two million Avire light curtains have reached customers ranging from global elevator manufacturers to local, independent installers. All Avire products are designed with absolute customer safety in mind.

  • Janus Emergency Telephones

    Janus has invested heavily in its elevator emergency telephones business due to growing market demands across the globe.

  • E-Motive LCD-Displays für Aufzüge

    Display Solutions

    E-Motive products have been consistently redefining the industry since their launch is 1993. From LCD Displays, Dot Matric displays through to Elevator Positioning Systems and Lift Monitoring Software, our comprehensive range of products provide the building owner with choice, flexibility and an opportunity to truly differentiate their buildings.