Memco Panachrome is a true innovation in elevator door safeguarding. It includes coloured indicators which operate on door movement; a feature that has been proven to enhance passenger safety and to reduce door damage.

It is also available with 3D detection extending passenger protection into the landing area.

Panachrome offers a unique combination of improved safety, enhanced aesthetics and cost reduction, and is therefore ideal for premium and high-traffic applications.

Key Features

  • Red and green indicators to highlight door movement
  • External controller for quick configuration and diagnostics
  • 2D and 3D detection models available
  • Available in 10mm and 43mm profiles
  • Suitable for centre and side opening doors
  • Ideal for hospitals, hotels and airports


How does a light curtain work?
Each light curtain set contains a Transmitting edge (TX) and a Receiving edge (RX). The TX contains an array of Infra-red LEDs which illuminate in sequence, and the RX contains a corresponding array of photoelectric diodes tuned to the LEDs' frequency. These receive light in sequence generating either a parallel or a diagonal beam pattern. When an object blocks one of the beams, the RX sends a trigger signal to the door controller, and the doors reopen.