E-Motive products have been consistently redefining the industry since their launch in 1993. From LCD Displays, Dot Matric Displays through to Elevator Positioning Systems and Lift Monitoring Software, our comprehensive range of products provide the building owner with choice, flexibility and an opportunity to truly differentiate their buildings.

Janus products

Operating since 1988, Janus celebrates over 25 years as a reliable and respected provider of safety and communication products into the US elevator industry. Janus offers premium security emergency communication devices and elevator passenger safety solutions.

Janus branded light curtains are only available to North American customers.


Memco® products have led the way with elevator-safeguarding for over 40 years and have built a brand which is synonymous with trust, reliability and exceptional quality. Renowned in the industry for our comprehensive range of light curtains, our emergency telephone products are now sold widely across the world and the growth is strongly linked to legislative drivers.


Avire’s oldest brand, TL Jones has built a strong reputation since its establishment in 1926. TL Jones is now a world-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of light curtains providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to Avire’s key markets in Asia.

TL Jones light curtains are only available in select markets.